Is it Worth it to Hire a Professional Marketing Company?

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Marketing your business can be overwhelming — keeping up with SEO, managing your blog and interacting on social media on top of all your other business responsibilities. You might feel like no matter how many blogs you write or how many social media posts you create, your business just isn’t attracting new customers. Marketing takes a lot of time and know-how to execute effectively. But is it really worth it to hire a professional marketing company? How exactly can a marketing company help you?

Professional marketing companies, sometimes called marketing firms or marketing agencies, help businesses with a range of activities including building websites, writing blog posts that are optimized for search engines (SEO), developing social media strategies, and more. They can conduct research on your behalf to determine the most effective keywords for your site, the kinds of customers that are most likely to look for your business, and ways you can out-market your competitors. Marketing companies are experts on keyword usage, website quality, and consumer behavior.

Website building

A marketing company can build you a website from scratch or audit your current website to give suggestions for how to improve the site’s function and visibility. To build a site from the ground up, the marketing company will work closely with you or your team to determine your business’s goals and to design a website that presents your company in the best possible light. Most importantly, they can make sure that important information about your business is easy for customers to find and understand.

In a website audit, a marketing company will read every page of your site, check every link and consider elements like loading speed and image quality. All of these things play a part in determining how your site appears in search engine results. The marketing company will then provide you with a list of recommendations for improving the user experience, SEO, and overall impression of your site.


Many business owners struggle to find time to plan and write blog posts, not realizing that a professional marketing company can manage their blog for them. This may look similar to a website audit, with the marketing company providing suggestions on keywords and blog topics for the business owner to write, or the marketing company can actually do all the work of researching, writing, and posting blog entries on behalf of the business.

Social Media

Social media sites are constantly changing the ways in which they boost or hide posts, display ads, and provide suggestions to users. A marketing company can help you to navigate these “rules” of social media by creating a comprehensive digital strategy for your business. This can include things like calendars which tell you when to post on social media, goals for replying to customer comments, and suggestions for which other businesses you should follow and interact with.

Leave it to the experts

Marketing best practices are complex and constantly changing. Hiring a professional marketing company can take a lot of stress off your plate and free up your time so you can focus on what you do best — running your business.

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