What is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is the marketing of merchandise or amenities through digital mediums such as mobile phones, the internet, social media, or any other digital means.

Digital marketing is also the umbrella word that entails various marketing approaches, for instance, SEO, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

Compared to traditional marketing approaches like TV, billboards, and print, digital marketing is majorly data-focused. Several common digital advertising platforms currently offer campaign reports for wide-ranging data analysis.

With the joint forces of both the internet and technology, Vertex Visibility can help you with digital marketing for your business. We gather and evaluate data of different client behavior or consumer engagement, allowing them to ease more tailored content and ads towards clearly distinct audiences for better engagement and outcomes.

A robust digital marketing strategy includes the following top techniques and tools.

Social Media

There was a time when social media used to be considered only “social.” Although social media is among the ideal ways to keep in touch with friends and families, it is also one of the most vital examples of digital marketing for your business.

Your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook business pages should help drive traffic to your website. Create brilliant, engaging posts that enlighten customers about what you do. It encourages people to interact with your posts and learn more about your services.


Search Engine Optimization uses keywords and different approaches to assist online customers in getting your website through organic searches. When somebody searches for words that could relate to your business, you want your business to land on the first or the second pages of the search result page. Your site is SEO-friendly to capture the highest traffic volume and drive more business.


SEO increases your organic online traffic, but SEM targets particular audiences with paid digital advertisements.

Your ads pop up on search engine result pages when individuals search for the kind of services your business provides. Where the adverts pop and how regularly they appear relies on the advert and your choice of payment structure for each search engine.

Email Marketing

Promising email approaches are considerably different than much of the junk that hits your spam email folder. Effective email marketing offers info to customers and potential customers that keep them knowledgeable- without causing an “unsubscribe” reaction.

Provide valuable data special offers, and comprise videos in your email content. Do not email too often, and do not forget to keep your content related to your business.

Content Marketing

It is another must-have for your digital marketing plan. If you were surprised about why several sites contain blogs, it’s because content marketing works.

Business blog content assists to rank the level of professionalism in the services you offer. Several searches by online visitors can direct them to your blog content. Search engines want to offer the best experience for searchers. When you search for the answer to a query, a search engine prefers to answer those queries with links to well-created blogs that use a good SEO plan.

Use blogs and different varieties of web content to help more potential clients get your website and create more business.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is delivering promotional content to clients via different online and digital networks. It pulls avenues like email, social media, search engines, among others.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the process of using technology to restructure marketing efforts and make them more effective.

At Vertex Visibility, we can help you with finding the right digital marketing tools for your business. All you have to do is contact us.