Local Citations: How They Help Your Business

local citations
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Local citations are any online mention of a local business’s name, address, and phone number, also known as NAP data. Citations can be found in local business directories, websites, apps, and social media platforms. Citations aid in the discovery of local businesses and have the potential to influence local search engine rankings. Having high-quality citations can help you rank on Google’s local search interfaces. Vertex Visibility has experience in managing citations to help boost your business’ search results.

Manually Check Your Local Citations

There are hundreds of local citation sources. In principle, you could examine all of the major citation sites by hand when performing a complete manual audit of your citations.

Actually, there are only a handful of large data aggregators that you should look into. Big names like Facebook and Google Maps are among them. Here’s a quick rundown of where you can acquire citations.

Let Vertex Visibility Take Care of It For You

We have the tools and experience to get your business on the most important local citation sources. Contact us to learn more about what we can do to boost your business’ google rankings!

Here’s where you can look up your local citations:

Different Kinds of Citations

Online mentions of your company frequently arise without any direct action performed by the company. Automated aggregation and the flow of data from local business data platforms can result in online citations. Data from one site can flow down to another. Because of the way the internet works, it’s critical for local businesses to take control of their data’s accuracy, so that false data may be identified and fixed, preventing customer loss, income loss, and any bad influence on local search rankings.

The following is a list of the most common kinds of local citations:

Google, Bing, and Safari are the three most popular search engines.

Foursquare, Data Axle, and Neustar/Localeze are examples of primary data aggregators.

Major Directories and Platforms: Local business listings can also be created on prominent social and review sites like Facebook and Yelp, among others.

Platforms that are specialized to a particular industry or area: In addition to creating local business listings on the local business data platforms that serve all industries, your company can seek to create listings on websites that are specific to its industry and geography. 

Supplementary citations can be created or earned on a wide range of sources, including blogs, news sites, apps, maps, government databases, and more. These aren’t designed for the publication of local business listings, but they nonetheless serve as a reference for your company. You can either seek these citations for your company or simply get them based on merit and public interest/information sharing.

Owned Properties: On the Internet, your website is the most authoritative representation of your company’s data.

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