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There is a big difference between understanding the basic concepts of SEO and actually executing a successful SEO strategy. A big part of that strategy is making sure all of your listings known as Citations are counted. What does that mean? There are over 1200 directories on the internet with more popping up all the time. We want to make sure that your business is not only listed on all of them, but listed correctly. If there is even a single variation in the way your Citations are displayed, then Google and other search engines won’t associate them with your other listings which hurts your overall ranking efforts.

What are Local Citations?

Local citations are any online mentions of your company. Citations are lists that comprise website links, descriptions, social media accounts, and other information like contact details and photos. It could be on a company website, a local business directory, a blog, or anywhere else. Gaining trust is the only way to promote your business. Getting your business found in local SEO results using citations will enable you to earn customers' trust.

For a local citation to succeed, people browsing the web and Google must view it as credible and trustworthy. Google My Business, Yellow Pages, and Thomson Local provide great options for new businesses. Remember to include three necessary pieces of information about your business when creating a local citation and this is referred to as NAP. Name, address and phone number. Your brand name identifies your business. – Your address tells us where to find you and your phone number connects them quickly and it is important that all of these points of interest match on every listing on the Internet.


Local citations help improve your Google Local Pack listing. The Citation verifies your legitimacy, confirms that your company exists, and backs up everything you say about it. It is necessary to provide a consistent business name, phone number, and location to provide Google with trust signals. - Google My Business is a requirement to leverage local citations. Claiming and optimizing the listing is necessary. - Embedding hyperlinks in the body text helps to rank them on the search results page. - Citations from a highly authoritative site with a lot of traffic will help boost your local search ranking. Quality links are more important than quantity in this instance.

What Are the Citation Types?

There are many different kinds of local citations for website owners. These are some of the most popular ones: - Business-focused search engines: A local citation that focuses on websites in the business sector, which many people turn to when they're thinking about buying or selling something online. - Niche categories: A directory dedicated to specific types of business. These directories allow users to easily browse through niches and find the best content within them. - Local media: Links from relevant, authoritative media listings can be a better ranking factor in the Google organic search algorithm than newspapers and media websites. - Social media: Create a business page on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Yelp.

Why Use Citations?

- Local citations help improve websites' rankings in search engines and increase their visibility in Google search results. - They also allow visitors to find content that meets their specific needs and interests. - Local citations are SEO tools to get more business for the business owner. - They are great for website owners and SEO since they help with boosting traffic. - So, Let Aptly Able “Make your Citations count” with our specialized Citation Management system.